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Project Idea: WikiTable

I'm using wikis a lot but every wiki I tried so far lacks support for tables. The wikis are able to show tables, but building a table using lots of pipes “|” sucks. What I want to develop (or learn that such a this already exists) is a small application which creates tables which then can be included in wiki pages.

The first step could be a small standalone application which manages the tables. The tables should also be available as a HTML-snippet (just the table, html- dory body-tags). This snippet can be included by most wikis.

In a second step, the application could be transformed to a plugin for wiki systems. This enable users to manage the tables in the wiki and not to use a separate application. The biggest benefit would be to use the authorisation and wiki syntax in the table.

The code should be small and simple so that it can easily ported to different languages.

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