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Hello Drupal

Some time ago, I decided to migrate my blog from DokuWiki to Drupal. Blogging with DokuWiki was OK using the plugins from the DokuWiki Blogsuite BundleHub, but Drupal has some advantages.

It's always fascinating to get into a new technology. After using misc. wiki systems and Wordpress, I wanted to try a content management system. I had a quick look into Drupal, Joomla and Silverstripe, and then decided to go with Drupal.

One very interesting part of Drupal is the Content Construction Kit (CCK). This was also the main reason to choose Drupal. I've already set up my Projects a special content nodes and thinking about doing the same for tasks and bookmarks.

The power of the CCK shows in the Blogroll channel in the sidebar. I set up a “Friend” content type and gave it attributes like blog URL and Twitter name. The Views module rendes the list of friends as a nice list in the sidebar. The credits for this solution go to Constantin Gonzalez which implemented this cool feature on his blog first.

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