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Project PDA

I'm currently working on a project called 'PDA'. PDA stands for “Personal Digital Assistant”. I used several PDAs over the last two decades, from Sharp, Psion, Palm and others. But they all were just Personal Datastorages. I always missed the “Assistant” part from PDA.

So I decided to build my own PDA. As I'm a Java Programmer, it will be implemented in Java. Today, I will tell you about the major parts of the project and keep the details for future posting.

Parts of the project are (so far):

  • Data Collector: Collection of API Implementations to connect to several (Web-)Services and access data there
  • Blackbox: Entity Storage. Stores XML objects like tasks, notes etc.
  • PADD: Personal Access and Data Display. Named after the Star Trek Pads, it implements the GUI (or User Experience) facing the user. Can be a desktop app, web app or smartphone app. Whatever is next to the user.

So far for now, stay tuned.

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